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Morning Glory Heaven!

My most beloved flower this summer & fall...Morning Glory... Each bloom fills me with joy as I gaze upon her.

I remember as a kid, hearing my dad complain about the morning glories that grew wild, saying, "I hate morning glories!!! They choke out the corn!!" For me, being a kid who had to spend my summers working endlessly in massive gardens, those beautiful morning glories were what made my day. My heart lit up when I saw their vibrant colors, drenched in the morning dew. It's funny how all those memories came flooding back as I actually chose to plant them all over our yard. After all these years, our relationship hasn't changed...they still light up my heart and my spirit when I see them. It kind of baffles me that someone could actually feel so much hate for a beautiful flower. I can see several vines linking to the past of why that may be.

What I love most about them, is that each blossom only shows her glorious face for just one day. It feels special that I"m often the only one to see them and tell them how gorgeous they are. And if you know plants, you know how much they love to be adored and gazed upon.

The Morning Glory's message is one of joy, peace & happiness. Awaken to more Magic in your life, by planting some of these beauties in your garden. I guarantee they will make you smile!

I've had such fun collecting her seeds. I am excited to continue cultivating her, both over the miles and the years to come. If you are a local plant lover, let get together and swap some seeds!



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