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Welcome to my creative portal of healing energy, crystals and plant medicines.

Plants hold some of my deepest passions. Working in large gardens since my childhood in North Carolina, our relationship continues to expand with each day and year. I love finding half dead and broken pieces, and breathing life back into them, transforming them into majestic expressions of beauty.  My garden offers a variety of adaptive herbs, vegetables, flowers and succulents. By working closely in alignment with the elements, seasons & astrological happenings, I create powerful, protective talismans and sprays alongside my plant and crystal allies. 

I’ve been practicing body work for 18 years and offer a variety of massage and energy techniques, with special focus on  spine, neck, shoulders, back and hips.

I connect with your body and spirit in an integrative way, allowing healing and balance to be restored from deep within.

I invite you to experience my alchemical expressions in the form of Massage, Reiki, Intentional Jewelry and Plant & Mineral Sprays. 


With heart,


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