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"Vetiver's sumptuous handcrafted sprays are infused with the wisdom of the wild, the love of her magic, and stunning olfactory pleasure.  They are prayers in a bottle to cover yourself and all you love with!" 

Therese A, - Occidental, California

"Scallywag and Reclaiming Joy are perfect when I need a boost of energy. Scallywag has a powerful clearing effect when I need a fresh start or to move any icky or draining energy. Reclaiming Joy is a lovely uplifter and always makes me smile. Both smell AMAZING! I keep them both on my desk and they save me every day, especially during long days of Zoom meetings."


Jae S. - San Francisco, California


"I love these magical sprays! I can feel the heart and intention Vetiver puts into them every time I use them. "Self Love" is definitely my go-to for settling my nervous system, softening my heart, and accessing surrender and acceptance. And the alchemy of "Aftermath" is amazing and totally unique...uplifting and grounding at the same honestly just makes me feel better about everything! :) These sprays have become trusted allies for me in my life and I recommend them with my whole heart!"


Eva A. - Grass Valley, California


"I trust your magick Vetiver, thank you. The impact your sprays and talisman have on my and my loved ones lives is miraculous!  In a world of uncertainty and growth having trusted medicine around like yours is a consistent, reached for remedy.  Thank you thank you thank you May your magick ripple the globe."

Tatiana A. - Berkeley, California

"I enjoy all of Vetiver's healing sprays, but in particular I will not let myself be without a supply of Scallywag. This is the real deal for keeping a clear energy field and grounding. If I have a difficult conversation, or find myself in a funk without a "story" behind it, a few sprays of Scallywag helps me reset my space in present time. I notice the results are clear and distinctly noticeable when I use the spray with the intention of grounding my space and creating a boundary from outside energies. This one is going to be in a lot of stockings this holiday season!"

Lisa C. - Pinole, California

"Vetiver's sprays are pure magick, the kind of special and unique experience I want everyone I love to get to have. Reclaiming Joy & Self-Love are parts of my daily regimen & routine rituals, aiding me, and propping me up every morning as I get ready for the day. Not only is the experience visceral, the effervescence and carefully formulated infusions envelop you in a sweet smelling hug. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to try Vetiver's sprays & share them with my family. Thank you Vetiver for sharing your magick with me!!!"

Kawena V. - Oakland, California

"I first tried the Scallywag protection spray and was so impressed by the quality, smell, and effectiveness I ended up getting the whole Herbal Allies kit. Hands down this is good medicine and its obvious how much love, care, and intention goes into every step of the process of making it from the growing, tending, and harvesting of the plants to preparing the medicine with the moon cycles. The Scallywag spray in particular, came into my life at a time when I really needed it. I had left a narcissistic relationship and every night was plagued by this person’s energy invading my consciousness. I started keeping Scallywag by my bedside and used it every night along with some simple visualization protection practices Vetiver suggested. Within a week, I stopped having those awful nightly experiences I’d been having for months and even now a year later, they’re still gone. I now take Scallywag with me anytime I travel and we got an extra bottle that my son keeps by his bedside and uses any time he’s needing protection at night. My other favorites are the Self Love and Reclaiming Joy sprays. Both smell so lovely and I use them anytime I’m having a tough day for a little extra boost. I can feel how they support me in slowing down and reconnecting with my heart and with simple joys. Highly recommend both for personal use and for anyone who does energetic work like Reiki to add another layer of supports for clients"


Rose R. - Boulder, Colorado



"Darling!!! The packages are amazing!! I was with my friend when she opened hers!! Oh she was delighted. So delighted! And then was super impressed when she smelled the flavors! They are truly transformative! You are amazing and I so appreciate the love and attention and authenticity that is with these beautiful sprays." 

Sarah W. - Deer Harbor, Washington


“Vetiver has a familial connection with herbs and plants.  Her sprays embody the depth and beauty of a divine connection with Mother Earth.  Working with her sprays is a communion with the richness of life.”


Marlo N. - Riverside, California

“Since I live in New York City, I can always count on some real characters out there so I never leave the house without a little spritz of Scallywag!  It keeps the crazies away! I’ve also just moved into a new apartment and incorporated it into my cleansing ritual— after I saged the entire apartment, I sprayed a ton around the front door and around the window that leads out to the fire escape.  I’m feeling safe and secure! Thank you so much Vetiver for making this, it’s like my little secret weapon!”


Christina M. - New York, New York

"I love Scallywag! It smells like heaven- A blend of the forest, earth and ocean. It makes me feel balanced, calm, centered and elated. My favorite place to use it is in my car, to help balance out LA traffic woes. It helps me to recenter and stabilize and it feels good for my overall well-being. It brings me joy!"


Chandra G. - Los Angeles, California

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