“Vetiver has a familial connection with herbs and plants.  Her sprays embody the depth and beauty of a divine connection with Mother Earth.  Working with her sprays is a communion with the richness of life.”


Marlo N. - Guerneville, CA

“Since I live in New York City, I can always count on some real characters out there so I never leave the house without a little spritz of Scallywag!  It keeps the crazies away! I’ve also just moved into a new apartment and incorporated it into my cleansing ritual— after I saged the entire apartment, I sprayed a ton around the front door and around the window that leads out to the fire escape.  I’m feeling safe and secure! Thank you so much Vetiver for making this, it’s like my little secret weapon!”


Christina M. - New York, NY

"I love Scallywag! It smells like heaven- A blend of the forest, earth and ocean. It makes me feel balanced, calm, centered and elated. My favorite place to use it is in my car, to help balance out LA traffic woes. It helps me to recenter and stabilize and it feels good for my overall well-being. It brings me joy!"


Chandra G. - Los Angeles, CA