Scallywag Protection Spray ~ Defense against predators, scoundrels and unsavory folk.


Scallywag enhances & protects your energy field, grounds you to the Earth, increases general and psychic awareness, strengthens your intuition and helps instill clear & sharp boundaries. This blend of Owl Medicine imparts the magic & wisdom of this powerful bird of the night. With keen precision, the Owl sees and hears what's hidden in the dark, striking with incredible accuracy. So may you. 


Infusion of Spear Thistle, Stinging Nettle, Mugwort, White Sage, Cedar, Yarrow, Lavender, Tagetes Lemmonii, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, essential oils of Rosemary, Cedarwood, Patchouli and Vetiver.

Made in Ceremony by Vetiver Grayson

Aftermath Spray ~ An elixir for mending your heart


An elixir for those who have suffered from heartbreak, pain, sorrow, grief, trauma, shock, disbelief, betrayal, devastation and horror. You are not alone. You do not have to be stuck in these places of deep wounding.

This blend of herbs and minerals is designed to assist you as you put the pieces back together, mend your heart  and move forward with your life.

Ingredients: Hawthorne, Rose, Borage, Lavender, Clary Sage, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Rosemary, Malachite. Essential oils of Basil, Pine & Peppermint.


Made in Ceremony by Vetiver Grayson

Herbal Allies Kit

Created as a set, they each represent a unique part of the healing process. Enjoy the full spectrum of protection and healing energies! 

Scallywag Protection spray ~ Defense against predators, scoundrels and unsavory folk

Self Love spray ~ An elixir to embrace your shadow

Aftermath spray~ An elixir for mending your heart

Reclaiming Joy spray ~ An elixir to retrieve your childlike glee

Made in Ceremony by Vetiver Grayson

Self Love Spray ~ An Elixir for embracing your shadow


It’s easy to love ourselves when things are going our way. What about when we are deep in our pain, lost in our shadow, and raging in upset over the many injustices we see every day out in the world? What about the times when we feel alone, abandoned, disregarded, unchosen, undervalued, underappreciated, unwanted, unseen and unheard?  How do we embrace & welcome the difficult moments of the human experience? With as much grace and ease as we can muster, as we do the challenging work of Self Healing and Self Love. The good news is, we have powerful allies of Nature here to assist us.


Through deep personal study of my own shadows, I have partnered with the forces of land and sky to bring forth to you my Self Love Spray: An Elixir for embracing your shadow.  A blend of healing herbs and gemstones from my garden, gathered and blessed in sacred ceremony, here to assist you in loving yourself as you move in and out of the shadows of your life.



Infusion of Rose, Chamomile, Lavender, Marigold, Geranium, Holy Basil, Yarrow, Green Calcite, Amethyst, Jade, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Essential Oils of Rose, Geranium & Lavender

Made in Ceremony by Vetiver Grayson

Reclaiming Joy Spray ~ An elixir to retrieve your

childlike glee


Life throws us unexpected traumas & curve balls, through family, friends, lovers and random events. Traumas that run so deep, they unconsciously cycle in and out of our lives, replaying similar scenes over and over. During such difficult times, our joy becomes fragmented, scattered about and lost to us. Reclaim the Joy you came into this world with. Call back those seeds of happiness and childlike glee.

May this elixir assist you in reclaiming the joy that is your birthright, the joy you embodied before 'Life' and 'Others' happened. 



Flower essence of Sunflower, Calendula, Marigold, Zinnia, Nasturtium, Chamomile, Morning Glory, Yarrow and Citrine. Essential oils of Orange, Clove & Lemongrass.


Made in Ceremony by Vetiver Grayson