Altar Kit


Whether you are looking for a traveling altar, expanding your altar collection or creating an altar for the first time, this kit will give you a homegrown foundation, made with love.


Kit Includes:


Handmade crochetted altar cloth, 2 oz jar of  homegrown Herbal incense, cast iron cauldron incense burner, wooden candle holder, 3 votive candles and a pack of quick light coals. Incense is blend of lavender, chamomile, rosemary and sage.


Altar cloth is 13 1/2 inches x 9 1/2 inches




Coals are quick lighting. Simply hold 1 coal above the flame of your lit candle. Once the sparkling  starts, place the coal in the couldren and wait for the coal to turn white before you begin adding your herbs.


** Cast iron incense burner does get hot.**


I recommend you place burner on the altar cloth after you have lit your coal. Do not leave unattended. If you plan on walking around with the couldron, be mindful that the base will be hot to touch. Leaving the handle in an upright position will keep it cool enough to handlle. Sprinkle a pinch of herbs onto the coal and enjoy!


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Altar Kit